Dear kind soul, the injured elderly Stomper you helped at Chinese Garden wants to meet and thank you with a big hug

Update on May 31:

The kind-hearted woman who aided Stomper Yeong has written in to Stomp to identify herself.

Stomp will be arranging for them to meet in person.

Stay tuned for updates.

Original article:

Stomper Yeong was at Chinese Garden on Friday morning (May 27) when he fell and injured his head.

What happened next, however, left him extremely touched.

The 69-year-old recounted what happened in an email to Stomp:

"I stepped on an uneven surface and tripped during my morning walk. 

"I stumbled towards the side of a bridge and my head probably hit the railing at the side.

"An Indian lady immediately came to help. 

"I sustained a cut just above my eye and was bleeding. 

"She attended to me throughout and covered my wound with a towel. She insisted that an ambulance should be called and helped me relax until it arrived.

"I would like to meet the woman face-to-face to express my heartfelt thanks with a big hug."

"Unfortunately, I could not recall her name, but I think the Good Samaritan is from a  government-related agency."

Kindly contact us at if you have information about the kind soul that stopped to help the injured Stomper.