Dear cyclists at Telok Blangah, the bikes belong you but the road certainly does not

Three cyclists decided to flout traffic rules and beat a red light along Telok Blangah Road yesterday morning (Jun 24).

In a video posted on Love Cycling SG, the netizen, a cyclist who recorded what happened, can be seen stopping at the junction as the traffic lights were not in his favour.

Three cyclists then approached his bicycle from the back. Instead of stopping like they should however, they decided to beat the red light.

As they were crossing the junction, they even signalled to a lorry driver to give way.

Read a caption on the video:

"Seriously disappointed with these guys as we are all fellow cyclists, and they had just made the rest of the law-abiding cyclists look really bad to the other users of the road.

"To these cyclists who ran the red light, I sincerely hope you guys do not do this again and follow the basic laws of the road. 

"Ride safe and ride responsibly everyone."