Dance group looking for man who crashed their rehearsal at UOB Plaza to join them in their next video

Submitted by Stomper Yinyin

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A dance group is looking for a man who sportingly joined them when they were rehearsing their moves at UOB Plaza on July 13.

Stomper Yinyin, one of the dancers of Dancebook+, said that she and her friends were rehearsing after their dinner to prepare for their performance at a charity event at Gardens by the Bay on Saturday (July 20).

"We were pleasantly surprised to find him just spontaneously dancing behind us," she said.

"He was very sporting and he could cope with our dance moves on the spot.

"Too bad that we didn't manage to talk to him that night.

"On hindsight, we should have made a video with him right on the spot so that we can encourage Singaporeans and people visiting Singapore to share in the joy of dancing and prove that anybody can dance."

Yinyin hopes to reach out to the man as she would like to invite him to join them at Gardens by the Bay to be in their next dance video.

"We hope Stomp can help us find him and play a part in sharing the joy of dance," she said.