Dad who gets over $1k in retirement money every month threatens to sue 4 kids for not giving him enough

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A woman's confession regarding the amount of money her father receives from her and her siblings every month has sparked discussion among netizens on Facebook.

Her anonymous confession was posted on NUSWhispers' Facebook page on Feb 27.

#95640: Hi guys! TLDR: my dad’s a jerk i need to rant and i also need some advice here on the issue about the amount...

Posted by NUSWhispers on Saturday, February 27, 2021

In her post, the woman called her dad a "jerk" and said:

  • She recently started working and earns around $3,000. She contributes between $650 to over $700 every month for the house bills, groceries, her parents' retirement and the occasional medical bill.

  • She has three other siblings who are also working and contributing money too. 

  • Her dad gets up to $1,000 in "retirement money" from his children.

  • Her dad has six digits worth of retirement savings.

  • Recently, she said her dad has started making "a lot of noise" about the amount she is giving him and saying it is too little. He says out of the $650, he only gets around $100 for his retirement but his daughter says it's $190.

  • She said: "He kept saying why is he only getting 100+ for his retirement when I'm keeping 2k of my salary for myself."

  • She tried explaining that she has her own things to save up for including her $28,000 debt for university education, a house and future marriage to her boyfriend.

  • She said her dad doesn't listen and asked her why she needs to save so much when she hasn't gotten married or bought a house yet. He even said she may not end up marrying her boyfriend.

  • Her dad's idea of savings is "give whatever the house/parents need or want then your own expenses then whatever little amount of money left is your savings and I have to make do with it."

  • Her dad said he still can't save any money because he is still giving money to his own dad and accuses him of "using our money to make him seem filial".

  • Her mum says that the $1,000+ she is getting from her children is enough for her and is a bigger spender than her dad so "something doesn't make sense".

  • Her dad said he will sue his children if they don't give him money.

  • She described her growing-up years as "terrible" and said he "thinks violence is alright".

  • However, she said he thinks he is a great father because he paid for all his children's expenses before they started working.

She went on to say that she admits he's great at saving money but other than that he's a "terrible" father. "The only useful thing I learnt from him was that I never want to have a guy like him as my partner," she said.

She asked for advice from netizens on how to tell her dad that she will only be giving him $650 without him giving her "hell" at home.

The majority of netizens have taken the side of the daughter.

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