Cyclists speed past car without a care even though traffic light not in their favour

Submitted by Stomper David

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A car driver had a near-accident with two cyclists who sped past him at a road junction even though the traffic light was not in their favour.

Stomper David shared dashcam footage of the unpleasant encounter he had on Monday (Apr 4), at 12.30am.

David recounted: "This happened at the Jurong Town Hall junction turning towards Teban Gardens.

"The two cyclists totally ignored the traffic light, which was in my favour. I was lucky that I wasn't driving fast even though the traffic light was green for me.

"I can't understand when these cyclists will learn their lesson. I will be the one punished if I were to hit them even though they had ignored basic traffic rules.

"Do you think this is fair? Do you think it's time the authorities look into traffic rules and not penalise drivers when riders are the ones at fault?"