Cyclists hog entire lane at Upp Serangoon Rd, including bus lane

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Stomper Anonymous was on a bus along Upper Serangoon Road when he saw two cyclists hogging an entire lane on June 30 at around 10.30am.

In a video shared by the Stomper, a bus is seen following behind two riders who were cycling in front of it.

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The Stomper, who was one of the passengers on the bus, said: "I first saw them at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Bartley Road, and they continued cycling all the way down Upper Serangoon Road."

Feeling annoyed by how slow the bus was travelling, the Stomper got up to check.

"I was actually sitting down, but I went to the front to check why the bus was so slow," he said.

"I felt annoyed because I was rushing to a meeting.

"They should not blatantly disregard other road users."