Cyclist takes his time to cruise across Cantonment Road even though red man is showing

Submitted by Stomper Lawrence

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A cyclist nearly met with an accident as he was taking his time to cross Cantonment Road on Tuesday evening (Aug 20).

Stomper Lawrence alerted Stomp to the incident and shared footage taken from his car's dashboard camera.

Lawrence was travelling along Cantonment Road towards Keppel Road when he had to stop for the cyclist.

The green lights were in the Stomper's favour and the red man was showing at the crossing. However, this did not seem to faze the cyclist who used one foot to slowly wheel himself across the road.

"I feel that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) should install facial recognition cameras to deter these lawbreakers and to safeguard us drivers," Lawrence said.

"It's already stressful on the road here with all the never-ending road works and jaywalkers."