Cyclist spits on driver's windscreen during road dispute in River Valley

Submitted by Stomper Serene

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After narrowly avoiding a collision with a car, a cyclist reacted angrily by spitting on the driver's windscreen.

The incident took place outside Rivershire Condominium near River Valley Road, though it is unclear when it happened.

Stomper Serene, who identified herself as a friend of the driver, contributed video footage showing the cyclist's actions.

In the video, the cyclist can be seen trying to ride across a road just as the car was about to make a left turn.

The cyclist then lashed out at the car driver and spat on the latter's windscreen twice.

Serene said: "In your opinion, who should stop and check the traffic?

"Obviously my friend had already slowed down even though he was not at a zebra crossing."

Watch the video below.