Cyclist rages at driver after failing to dismount or slow down at Fernvale zebra crossing

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A cyclist was caught on camera raging at a driver who did not see him trying to ride across a pedestrian crossing in Sengkang.

Facebook page posted a video of the incident that, according to its timestamp, occurred on Sunday (May 2) at around 8.50pm.

A caption accompanying the video, which is in the form of a letter from the driver to the cyclist, said: "To the bicycle rider, I'm sorry that I never see you.

"Because your bike have no front light and you were wearing too dark.

"When I realised you want to cross the zebra crossing, even you did not slow down and dismount from the bike, I stop the car and let you go.

"When I let you go, I wave my hand and give you signal to cross, I will wait for you. You misunderstood I wanna scold you.

"You want me to come down the car and keep calling me for a fight with you ask me Lai Lai Lai and send greeting to my mum. My baby also in the car."

The video has been viewed over 75,000 times and drawn more than 600 comments.

Netizens slammed the cyclist for his "rude" and "self-entitled" behaviour, saying that he was the one at fault for failing to slow down or dismount at the pedestrian crossing.

One user commented, "He get mad for his own mistake," while another said, "Cyclist should stick to walking if he cannot manage the demands of cycling."