Cyclist nearly hit by taxi after riding across road when traffic light not in her favour

Submitted by Stomper Zoel

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A female cyclist crossed the road on her bicycle even though the traffic light was not in her favour, and as a result, was nearly hit by a taxi.

The incident occurred along Pasir Ris Drive 3, near Downtown East, yesterday (Feb 28) at around 8.27am.

Stomper Zoel witnessed the incident and shared with Stomp a video captured by his dashboard camera.

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In the video, the taxi driver can be seen jamming on his brakes, just in time to avoid a collision with the cyclist.

After the close shave, the cyclist, who did not appear to be hurt, dismounted her bicycle and pushed it while crossing the road.

Zoel said: "The woman was trying to cycle across the pedestrian crossing even after the traffic light had turned red for pedestrians.

"Driver SHC8641L, I hope this video can help."

Safety tips for cyclists: