Cyclist injured after crashing into ofo bicycle left lying in the middle of Woodlands pathway

Submitted by Stomper Liza

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Stomper Liza was cycling along Woodlands Avenue 7 on Wednesday morning (July 18) when a collision with an improperly parked ofo bicycle left her with injuries.

The incident occurred on a pathway located near Block 683C Woodlands Drive 62 at 9.20am.

Liza told Stomp that the pathway has two lanes, one for cyclists and one for pedestrians.

"There is a turn in the path that's like a blind spot and where I can't see anything," said Liza, who cycles along the same route two to three times a week.

As such, Liza did not notice an ofo bicycle that had been left lying in the middle of the pathway until it was too late.

Said the Stomper, who had been on her way to work: "I had a collision with an ofo bicycle (60001056) which was improperly parked halfway in the middle of a cycling path.

"Due to the blind spot, I could not brake in time or even avoid the ofo bicycle.

"I crashed into it, falling over my handlebars and head-first to the ground."

Liza said that the accident left her with injuries including abrasions on her right elbow, a bruised forehead and right thigh, a sprained right shoulder, as well as a stiff neck.

"My neck is aching due to the impact," she added.

Her bicycle was also damaged in the accident and she estimated repairs to cost around $100.

"The front gear and knob on my handlebars are broken. The right brake is also loose and the wires came off."

According to Liza, the allocated parking lots for bicycles were located at the start and end of the pathway, which she thinks cyclists might find to be too far away.

Instead, people left shared bicycles "everywhere" along the path, including on the grass patch.

"I'm very pissed off right now. This collision practically ruined a perfect morning ride.

"I'm sick and tired of seeing shared bicycles messing up the pathways for other users.

"When are the companies going to resolve this issue? How many people have to get hurt before they start doing something?"