Cyclist ignores driver and rides across road in Woodlands, but traffic light not even in his favour

Submitted by Stomper Sam

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A cyclist was caught on camera blatantly ignoring safety and traffic rules while riding across a road in Woodlands.

Stomper Sam shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred along Woodlands Drive 16 on May 9, at around 2.48pm.

Sam told Stomp: "This cyclist ignored oncoming traffic even though I put on my left turning signal long before I turned.

"He also ignored the red man signal and rode across when it was my right of way.

"Cyclists and pedestrians are taking a more relaxed approach in crossing the road, thinking that all drivers will see them and slow down for them to cross.

"I hope to share this as a reminder for everyone, especially youths and their parents, to stay vigilant at all times."