Cyclist helps python in Bukit Batok to stay safe on Chinese New Year's Eve

Submitted by Stomper Nita

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A woman was out cycling on the night of Chinese New Year's Eve (Jan 31) when she encountered a python.

Stomper Nita said the snake, which measured around two metres long, was slithering towards a tree at the park connector opposite Bukit Batok Civil Service Club.

She recounted: "We worried that the snake would go to the main road and get hit by a car, so we decided to stop the snake and not let it go further. It took around five minutes, then we went home.

"What an unusual sighting on Chinese New Year's Eve.

"Please watch out when you go for a night ride at the park connector or the Green Corridor."

Members of the public are advised not to handle snakes when encountering them. More do's and don't can be found here.

Those who see a wild animal in distress may call Acres' 24-hour hotline at 97837782.