Cyclist gives lorry driver an earful for apparently driving too close to him

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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A cyclist was recorded on camera confronting a lorry driver for apparently driving too close to him along Clementi Road at 9.48am on Aug 19.

Stomper Lim filmed the incident on his dashboard camera and sent us videos of what he came across.

In the first video, the cyclist can be seen riding at the side of the three-lane road. The lorry was on the third lane, metres behind the bicycle.

At around the halfway mark, the lorry driver overtook the cyclist. It is unclear how close the lorry came to the cyclist based on the footage.

The second video shows what happened thereafter.

The lorry driver had stopped the vehicle at a traffic light. Shortly after, the cyclist rode in between the second and third lane to confront the driver over what happened earlier. 

The former can be seen making gestures and talking loudly to the lorry driver. 

Judging from the exchange and hand movements, the cyclist was probably unhappy with the motorist for driving too close to him.

Towards the end of the video, the traffic lights turned green, putting an end to the dispute.

The Stomper has no idea if the lorry driver indeed came too close to the cyclist. As such, he is unsure if the confrontation was justified.

Lim also questioned if it was appropriate for the cyclist to go up to the van driver in the middle of the road.

See what happened below. Both videos have been combined into a single clip.