Cyclist gets hit by Mercedes driver near Block 767 Woodlands Ave 6 -- despite having right of way

A Mercedes driver was caught on camera hitting a cyclist who was riding across a zebra crossing near Block 767 Woodlands Avenue 6.

According to a timestamp of a video posted on, the incident took place on Oct 10 at around 5.14pm.

In the video, the female cyclist can first be seen riding onto the zebra crossing from a pavement.

The Mercedes driver who had just gotten over a hump just before the crossing, did not stop and hit the cyclist who then fell onto the road.

Thankfully, the cyclist did not seem to be seriously hurt in the accident.

She got up after the collision and walked onto the pavement as the Mercedes driver alighted and helped her with the bicycle.

It is unclear what happened thereafter. 

Pedestrians and cyclists, remember to look out for traffic, even when you have the right of way on roads!