Cyclist falls down after bicycle wheel gets caught in grating -- then acts like it's cabby's fault

A cyclist took a tumble onto the pavement after his bicycle's front wheel got caught in a metal grating, but blamed his fall on a taxi driver instead.

Facebook page posted a video of the incident that occurred along St Andrew's Road on March 18, at around 5.16pm.

In the video, the cyclist can be seen riding over drain gratings that are by the roadside.

He is then seen jerking suddenly, after apparently getting his front wheel caught in a grating.

This throws the cyclist off balance, causing him to fall off his bicycle and onto the pavement.

He then gets up and confronts a taxi driver next to him while making various hand gestures.

According to, the cyclist "blamed the taxi driver for squeezing him to the kerb".

The cabby can be seen gesturing back.

A neighbouring driver who witnessed the incident is also seen winding down his window to "exchange a few words" with the rider.

The cyclist eventually rides off.