Cyclist dies in hospital after hit-and-run accident with truck at Bedok junction, man arrested

Submitted by Stomper Joe

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A 48-year-old cyclist died in hospital after an accident with a truck at the junction of New Upper Changi Road and Bedok North Road on Monday (Oct 26).

The police told Stomp that they were alerted to the hit-and-run accident at 11.42am.

The male cyclist was taken to Changi General Hospital, where he subsequently died.

A 67-year-old man was subsequently arrested in relation to the case.

Stomper Joe was on a bus at around 12.05pm when he passed by the accident scene and saw a man lying on the road.

Joe said: "The man did not seem like he was moving."

A photo taken by Joe shows paramedics attending to the victim. A red patch of what appears to be blood can also be seen on the road.

Police investigations are ongoing.