Cyclist blocks traffic at Punggol zebra crossing so that his family can ride past first

Submitted by Stomper Region

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Father of the year or the cyclist from hell?

A man might have looked out for his family -- but he did so at the expense of other motorists.

Stomper Region shared a video of his encounter with the cyclist along Punggol Field on Saturday (Aug 27), at around 12.44pm.

According to Region, the cyclist had halted traffic on purpose so that his wife and their three kids could cycle across the pedestrian crossing first.

The Stomper said: "This cyclist rode to the middle of the zebra crossing, stopped there and used himself to block the traffic so as to let his family to cross first.

"He then dismounted from his bicycle and pushed it slowly to purposely hang the traffic.

"He is showing a good example to his family that he is an entitled hero!"

Selfless family man or selfish road user?