Cyclist beats red light at pedestrian crossing, crashes into car and is sent flying at Toa Payoh

Submitted by Stomper SL29

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Stomper SL29 was waiting for a traffic light to turn green along Toa Payoh Lorong 6 when he saw a cyclist beat the red light at the pedestrian crossing and crash into a car.

The incident happened on Thursday (May 24) at about 7.47am near Kim Keat Palm Food Centre.

In a video of the incident shared by the Stomper, the light had just turned green in favour of the motorists and one black car had started moving ahead when the cyclist hit the vehicle on the right.

The impact caused the man to be flung over the car.

He stood up soon after but was seen clutching his shoulder in pain.

"I hope this video can help the driver clear his name," said SL29.