Cyclist and Stomper encounter the first maniac driver of 2019 at Changi Coast Road

Submitted by Stomper Emily

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Update on Jan 2:

The National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) is investigating the incident.

Read the full update here: National Service Resort & Country Club investigating video of reckless bus driver after Stomp report

Original article:

With 2019 comes another year of drivers behaving recklessly on the road.

Stomper Emily was travelling along Changi Coast Road on Tuesday morning (Jan 1) when she saw a bus overtaking a cyclist.

Not only that, but Emily then had to jam on her brakes avoid the bus.

She sent Stomp a video of the incident that occurred at around 9.22am.

Emily told Stomp: "The National Service Resort & Country Club bus driver was driving fast to overtake the cyclist. I then jammed on my brakes to avoid him.

She also said that there are many cyclists who use the same road and therefore would like to highlight this incident.