Cutest story you'll read today: Tree kangaroos in Singapore Zoo adopted by kids of MindChamps

These cute, cuddly and charming creatures that now reside in our Singapore Zoo are known as tree kangaroos.

Native to countries such as Australia and Indonesia, tree kangaroos are much smaller than the regular ones you usually see.

The Singapore Zoo's two tree kangaroos, Makaia and Nupela, hail from Australia and were adopted by preschool franchiser MindChamps on Dec 14 in a ceremony that was also attended by Stomp.

In order to adopt these rare and endangered animals, the young students of MindChamps raised over $30,000.

Makaia is a rambunctious three-year-old male who made global headlines in November 2014 when he was adopted by a yellow-footed wallaby at 47 days old, after its mother died.

Nupela is a local celebrity in her own right, being the first Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo to be born in Australia Zoo in over 20 years.

During a cheque presentation that was part of the adoption ceremony, nearly 30 preschoolers watched in delight as Nupela was brought out out of her enclosure and greeted them upclose.

According to Mr. David Chiem, Founder CEO and Executive Chairman of MindChamps, this act of kindness is a direct result of the “I am Compassionate” value nurtured in all MindChamps preschoolers.

"This adoption by our preschoolers reflect the values that we believe in, that we nurture in all our students, to have compassion for others, and to see the beauty in others, including all animals," shared Mr Chiem.

The next time you are at the zoo, do not forget to check out these lovable creatures.

Meanwhile, browse more images of these cuties in the gallery above or watch a video below.