Cute otters feast on 'sashimi' at Pasir Ris Park

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Stomper Chin Ching's husband was on a run at Pasir Ris Park on May 12 when he saw a family of otters during mealtime.

He took a video of the adorable critters to show his wife who shared it with Stomp.

"My husband goes for a run weekly at Pasir Ris Park but this is the first time he's seen so many otters," she told Stomp.

She added that the otter family was spotted at a canal near Downtown East.

In the video, a few of the otters are seen chowing down on fish in shallow waters while a couple more are frolicking and fishing in the water behind them.

"I was amazed that they can catch such big fish," she said.

Watch the video below.

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