Cute animals win hearts and donations at Orchard Road

Submitted by Stomper Wong

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Adorable animals caught the attention of many shoppers along Orchard Road on Sep 21.

They were part of CAS Animals' Day Out 2016, a Flag Day event organised by Causes for Animals, Singapore (CAS).

Stomper Wong had been a volunteer at the event and sent in photos as well as videos of the crowd that showed up.

From 10am to 2pm, passers-by got to pet the cute creatures, take photos and donate to the organisation.

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Zazoo the macaw parrot and Tira, a Malteze-Papillon crossbreed, were among the animals that were present.

The event aimed to raise funds for both street and shelter animals, and was declared a 'woofing success'.

Browse the gallery to see more pictures of Zazoo and Tira charming the crowd, or head on to CAS' Facebook page for more images of the event.