Customer wowed by Kiddy Palace's outstanding customer service

Submitted by Stomper Veera

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Stomper Veera was blown away by the impeccable service of the staff at North Point's Kiddy Palace.

His first impression of them was on Dec 23, 2017, at the height of last minute Christmas shopping.

"It was a busy day and it was crowded," said Veera. "My wife and I bought some items for Christmas gifts".

He continued:

"The staff at the gift wrapper section were extremely busy as they were almost wrapping non-stop.

"Every staff member was polite despite handling a large crowd, which isn't easy."

He returned on Dec 27 after having trouble assembling a tricycle he had bought and was pleasantly surprised when how attentive two staff, Ms Susan and Ms Lee Cheng were.

"Seeing that I was carrying the tricycle box, Ms Lee Cheng came to my assistance even before I went to ask her for help.

"I realised that she was also the one who assisted me on Dec 23."

He then left the tricycle at the outlet so that the staff could contact the vendor to assist in assembling the tricycle.

They called him the next day to tell him that the tricycle was ready for collection.

"In fact, they called me on Jan 1 again as a friendly reminder."

He then went to collect the tricycle on Jan 2.

Said the Stomper:

"I felt that this is the nature of Ms Lee Cheng and Ms Susan. 

"I was extremely happy with the quality of customer service I received. 

"This was despite handling a large crowd where there were many others who were asking various queries. 

"They were very polite and more than helpful. 

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Lee Cheng and Ms Susan for their outstanding customer service."