Customer upset that two $33.80 abalone yusheng sets he ordered from A-One have no abalone

Submitted by Stomper Excelsior

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Not so "huat".

A customer was upset to find that the two abalone yusheng sets he ordered from A-One were missing several crucial ingredients.

Stomper Excelsior had paid $33.80++ for each set.

He recounted: "I had a reunion lunch with my great grandparents and my relatives from Malaysia who flew in for a huge lohei party."

"We ordered two A-One abalone yusheng sets. We were super excited about it, but when we started to prep, there was no salad (radish, carrot) and most importantly, no abalone.

"We literally paid $77.10 for sauces and spices."

The advertised ingredients the customer was supposed to get were abalone, pok chui, A-One yusheng sauce, papaya pickles, cucumber pickles, preserved mixed melon, red pickled ginger, sweetened lime, carrot and radish, vegetable oil, pepper powder, cinnamon powder, crushed roasted peanuts and toasted sesame seeds.

The Stomper shared a photo of all the ingredients he received, which appeared to be lacking something.

"When we tried to get compensation from Grab and A-One, we were told that the order was placed 12 hours ago and could not be resolved," said the Stomper. "Not very joyous, are they?

"My family and relatives were really looking forward to this moment as it would be our first yusheng as a complete family since Covid. It was truly upsetting and I'm not even sure if I’ll get a refund or compensation at all."

He asked: "Is it A-One or A-Zero?"

In response to a Stomp query, an A-One spokesman said: "Quality control is an important aspect at A-One and we are on a constant journey to provide a positive dining experience for all.

"We would like to extend our apologies for the inconvenience caused to the customer and we would love to provide the customer with a refund/replacement for the case."

"As such, we would like to seek your help to ask the customer to reach out to us. Our team will follow up on this matter."

Stomp has contacted the Stomper about A-One's response.