Customer treats GrabFood riders at The Star Vista to nasi lemak and drinks from Crave

Submitted by Stomper Fann

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

GrabFood riders stationed at The Star Vista were treated to a surprise meal by a kind-hearted customer on Saturday (May 16).

Stomper Fann shared with Stomp that she had received a notification to collect food from Crave at The Star Vista at about 6pm.

"Upon collection of the food, the customer indicated that there was no need to deliver as her intention was to treat the GrabFood personnel and others," she said.

According to the order sheet, the customer named Michelle had paid for four nasi lemak with chicken wing sets and four iced lemon teas for GrabFood delivery partners.

Michelle texted Fann to remind her not to deliver the meals and told her to help herself and to share with other riders.

She also thanked her.

"A big kudos to this kind person for your generous treat," Fann said.

"A very heartwarming gesture in such times."