Customer 'screams' at Jurong West hotpot stall worker over expensive ingredients

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Call the police?

A woman was caught on camera scolding the staff at a hotpot stall in a coffee shop at Block 504 Jurong West 51.

Facebook user Alan Chow shared a 59-second video of the incident in the Facebook group Hawkers United - Dabao 2020 on Wednesday (April 12).

He said in the post: "While waiting for my Foodpanda order, heard this lady in white screaming at the staff of hotpot stall and I overheard she wanted to report police and pointing her phone at staff probably to record evidence.

"I asked the chef what happened. Chef said the lady told him the ingredients very expensive, insisted must cook for her.

"I asked the chef whether the lady customer paid up already. Chef said haven't paid yet.

"I scratched my head, why must call the police? So big case?"

The customer spoke in Mandarin, but it cannot be heard clearly what she said in the video because of the noise.

Several netizens called her a "Karen". One commented: "Hungry woman, angry woman."