Customer says fruits outside Redhill supermarket bitten by rats, company says it was birds

Submitted by Stomper M

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She said she had seen rats there but lacked photographic proof because rats do not pose for pictures.

A customer was disgusted to see fruits she believed had been bitten by rats outside a Giant outlet in Redhill Close.

DFI Retail Group, which owns the supermarket chain, told Stomp that the fruits were eaten by birds and will move the fruits indoors.

Stomper M shared videos and photos showing partially eaten apples and pears among the fruits displayed near the entrance of the store as well as a pack of long beans that appeared to have been bitten through.

"I am extremely disgusted with the rat situation at Giant supermarket," said the Stomper. "I have highlighted the sightings of rats to the staff in February. They asked if I took pictures. Rats don’t pose for the camera.

"Last week, I went to buy some fruits and I was so sickened by what I saw. This is extremely unhygienic and unhealthy. I don’t want people shopping at Giant Redhill Close to fall sick.

"The staff may throw away the rat-bitten fruits, but at the back of my mind, these rats walked over all the food. I can’t imagine if rats urinated on the food they are selling."

In response to a Stomp query, DFI said: "The health and safety of our customers is a top priority at DFI Retail Group.

"Upon being made aware of the issue, we have promptly removed all the affected products, conducted a thorough sanitisation of the area and contacted pest control.

"After investigation, we can confirm that the fruits were eaten by birds.

"DFI have, and have always had, a robust pest control programme in place where our contractors come by regularly to our stores for inspection.

"Following this isolated incident, we have decided to move some of our fruits and vegetables displays indoors, with team members also stepping up inspections of our storefronts.

"Please be assured that we are taking all possible measures to avoid incidents of this nature in the future."