Customer refunded for burnt Ondeh Ondeh Special, Funan martabak shop to improve quality control

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A customer was horrified that the Ondeh Ondeh Special he bought from Smile Martabak at Funan was "all burnt till black and tasted bitter".

Stomper Jon shared a photo of the receipt and the martabak he received in a box on Friday (Nov 4).

Along with the Ondeh Ondeh Special, he also ordered an Original Choco Cheese, both at $5.95 each for three pieces.

He said that since he ordered it as a takeaway, he did not realise the Ondeh Ondeh Special was overcooked until he reached home.

"How could you expect an elderly grandma to eat it when I specially bought it back for her?" asked the Stomper.

In response to a Stomp query, Smile Martabak said: "Due to the thickness of our pancakes and unpredictability of heat transfer, thick pancakes such as martabak can easily be overcooked.

"Our staff are trained to check on the brownness of each pancake thoroughly before serving it to customers – this ensures that all customers receive fresh pancakes that delight.

"We regret that our customer received an overcooked pancake on Nov 4. We have reached out to the customer and issued a full refund on the same day, including a goodwill refund of the other item as part of our service recovery.

"Our team at Smile Martabak pride ourselves on delivering good food and service, and we will continue to strive to improve our quality control procedures. We would like to thank all our loyal customers for the continued support."

Smile Martabak, which sells Indonesian street food, opened at Funan in May.

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