Customer orders toast and curry puffs from Toast Box, gets only cold bread from Grab

Submitted by Stomper Selvan

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Another day, another food delivery order gone wrong.

Stomper Selvan ordered a toast and curry puff set plus a slice of pandan chiffon cake from Toast Box via Grab on Jan 19 at 8am.

The total price was $19.10, including a $3.70 service fee and $2 priority delivery.

The toast and curry puff set he ordered consisted of two curry puffs, a traditional kaya toast, a traditional peanut butter toast, one teh and one teh C.

The Stomper also gave instructions for Toast Box to "give fresh curry puffs, not old ones please" and the driver to "please ensure drinks do not spill".

He should have also added an instruction for Grab to deliver all the food he ordered because in the end, all he got was the pandan chiffon cake.

Sharing photos of what he received from Grab, the Stomper said: "The rider seemed to have removed all items and threw in some French loaf, hard and cold bread, like frozen."

At least the curry puffs were not old as there were no curry puffs at all.