Cuddly otters face off with dog at Marina Bay: See who emerged victorious

Otters might be cute and cuddly, but they too can be rather savage when situations call for it.

A video posted by netizen Patrick Ng on July 7 shows a romp of otters attempting to chase away a dog from an open field in Marina Bay.

In the video, the group consisting of 10 otters can be seen at one end of the field several metres away from the black dog.

They then started running towards the canine, picking up speed as they went along.

After the halfway mark of the video, they started charging at the canine. 

In response, the latter began to run in an attempt to put some distance between itself and its furry foes.

The dog ran out of frame at the end of the video, and the triumphant otters claimed the field for their own.