Crowd allegedly gathers around tree in Ang Mo Kio every morning for bird sighting

Submitted by Stomper Saleha

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A group of bird enthusiasts have allegedly been gathering around a tree in Ang Mo Kio every morning while armed with photography equipment.

Stomper Saleha said that the crowd has been gathering along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, next to Anderson Secondary School and in front of Nanyang Polytechnic, "for more than a week".

The Stomper added: "I went there on Saturday (July 4) and was told by a passer-by that there are tiny birds with colourful legs on the tree, though I didn't see anything.

"The crowd has been there every day for over a week.

"However, there was only one of them there when I passed by this morning (July 6). Maybe it was too early for the rest of them."