Cross-dressing male teacher flashes private parts at beauty salon employee, fined $1.5k

A married male teacher with transvestic fetishism wore a skirt to a beauty salon where he later flashed his private parts at an employee. 

The accused, Gao Guanwei, was sentenced to a $1,500 fine on Monday (June 18) for the outrage of modesty, reports Shin Min Daily News

Transvestic fetishism is a form of gender identity disorder, where patients have an overwhelming urge to dress in the clothes of the opposite sex. 

The court heard that Gao had visited a beauty salon at around 4pm on Oct 25, 2017, and exposed himself to a 26-year-old beautician. 

Gao had patronised the salon before and bought a three-session package. 

When he visited the salon on the day of the incident for his second session, he wore a grey t-shirt, a deep blue skirt, and briefs. 

The beautician then led him to an air-conditioned room and gave him a blanket to cover his body.

Gao told her that he did not need it. 

As the beautician was washing Gao’s face, he became aroused and undid his skirt.

Upon spotting his erection, the beautician ran out of the room and told her colleague about Gao. 

The beautician’s colleague then informed the salon owner and called the police. 

The colleague also entered the room and found that Gao’s private parts were visible through a slit in his skirt. 

Gao later pleaded guilty to the charge.

He was diagnosed with transvestic fetishism and is currently married with two daughters, a four and an eight-year-old. 

Gao also added that he was deeply remorseful for his actions and will no longer cross-dress. 

He told Shin Min Daily News:

“I was born with this condition. I did not expect things to turn out like this. I am deeply sorry.”

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