Crocodile stuns Sungei Buloh visitors with surprise meet-the-people session

Submitted by Stomper Steve C

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Nature enthusiasts were left stunned when a crocodile casually crawled onto a footpath at Sungei Buloh on Sunday (Feb 14).

Stomper Steve C captured the moment on video and shared the footage with Stomp.

In the video, shrieking is heard in the background as people stop to stare at the resident reptile.

"A croc walked up from the side of a path today at Sungei Buloh and startled a few folks," said Steve.

"In the end, he was just checking out what was going on and went back into the water after a little encouragement from a passenger cart that happened to come through around the same time."

According to the National Parks Board (NParks), here is what you should do if you encounter a crocodile:

  • Do stay calm and back away.

  • Do not approach, provoke or feed the animal.

NParks added that crocodiles are usually found in the water or at the mudflats away from visitor routes.

Warning signs and advisory notices have been posted at areas where these animals are most often seen. Visitors should heed these signs, which advise the public to stay on the visitor routes and not venture off the designated paths.