Crocodile or monitor lizard? Man and friends have debate over creature spotted in river

Submitted by Stomper Steve

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Is that a crocodile or monitor lizard? From afar, it's hard to tell.

The reptile's identity has sparked a debate between Stomper Steve and his friends.

Steve spotted the creature in a river near the Singapore Flyer last Friday (March 19), at around 12.45am. Believing it to be a crocodile, he took a video.

Steve said: "However, some of my friends who saw the video think that it is a monitor lizard.

"I feel that it is a crocodile as it is much larger in size. It also had a bigger mouth and tummy.

"It's my first time seeing a crocodile in the area and I found it hard to believe as there are a lot of visitors here.

"The crocodile then swam towards the floating platform at Marina Bay."