Crocodile in canal in viral TikTok video was sighted in December: PUB

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It has been a while, crocodile.

The crocodile in a canal in a recent viral TikTok video was actually spotted in December last year, said national water agency PUB.

The video was posted on Monday (May 16) by TikTok user khaijer who said the canal was at Old Choa Chu Kang Road.

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The TikTok video has over 100,000 views.

Stomp understands that the video was sent to PUB in December last year, but the video was not circulating online at the time.

In recent years, sightings of crocodiles have been reported in Sungei Kadut, East Cost Park, Changi Beach Park, Pasir Ris Park and the reservoirs around Singapore.

One of the largest wild specimens, 3.6m long and weighing 400kg, was found dead at Kranji Reservoir in 2014.

The species found in Singapore is the estuarine crocodile.

Also known as the saltwater crocodile, it feeds mostly on fish, said Dr Adrian Loo, group director of wildlife management at the National Parks Board (NParks), told The Straits Times.

He said: "Should members of the public encounter a crocodile, they should stay calm and back away slowly. They should not approach, provoke, or feed the animal."

The public may also contact NParks on 1800-471-7300.