Crepe from Junction 8 has 'strange taste', Saybons says overripe avocados may have been used

Submitted by Stomper CSK

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Avocado or 'horror-cado'?

A Foodpanda customer ordered food from Saybons at Junction 8 in Bishan on Sunday (Nov 20) and found that the avocado cheese crepe had a "strange taste".

In response to a Stomp query, Saybons said that overripe avocados might have been mistakenly used.

Sharing photos of the avocado cheese crepe, Stomper CSK said: "It had a strange taste after my first bite. I found that the avocado was black and had dark streaks in the flesh.

"How can you serve bad food to people?"

The receipt in the photo shows that the Stomper paid $6.90 for the avocado cheese crepe and also ordered the ham, egg and cheese, and margherita bacon crepes.

Saybons told Stomp: "We are saddened to know of the unsatisfactory experience by the Stomper.

"We've promptly conducted an internal investigation and found that the young crepe chef on duty that day may have mistakenly used overripe avocados in preparing this crepe.

"Our outlet manager has since reinforced and retrained all the crepe chefs on proper handling of avocados that do not meet our standards."

The company added that it sincerely wishes to correct the customer's negative experience and is reaching out to the Stomper.