'Crazy price' of $6 for rice with 4 small pieces of chicken at Benoi Sector canteen

Submitted by Stomper Dennis

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

You might think food prices would be cheaper at industrial areas in the far-end of Singapore.

However, that was not the case for Stomper Dennis, who was charged $6 for a meal at a canteen in Jurong.

Dennis said he bought a takeaway meal of rice with fried chicken from an Indian food stall at Mapletree Benoi Logistics Hub's canteen in Benoi Sector on Tuesday (Oct 26).

He paid $6 and was appalled when he opened the packet of rice afterwards.

Dennis told Stomp: "I bought Indian food at 8082 Cafeteria yesterday evening. I asked for only fried chicken with plain rice and was charged $6.

"Even more surprising was how there were only four small pieces of dry-looking fried chicken.

"This is my second time buying from the stall. The previous time, I ordered rice with the same fried chicken and another vegetable dish, which also cost $6.

"Hence I thought that if I ordered only chicken, it should be cheaper. However, I was charged the same price so I thought they would at least give me more pieces of chicken. But it was just four small pieces.

"I didn't manage to ask the stall about the price because I genuinely thought there would be more chicken.

"It was not until later when I opened the packet and saw only four small pieces of chicken for this CRAZY PRICE!"