"Crazy fun" family makes epic music video featuring 60 relatives for Chinese New Year

Submitted by Stomper Matthew

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Chinese New Year usually involves indulging in festive goodies, giving out oranges, receiving red packets, having get-togethers and more.

For Stomper Matthew's family, it is also about capturing these activities on camera and putting them together into a 'music video'.

Matthew said: "I have a huge, loving and tight-knitted extended family. My mum has 10 siblings, and my dad has nine siblings, and my immediate family is close to both sides.

"Every Chinese New Year, my extended family on my mum's side (there are probably almost a hundred of us across all generations) will spend several days together celebrating the new year, with almost every family hosting a meal or two.

"We will also spend time eating a lot and talking a lot (all in good fun)! This year is no different.

"In recent years, my cousin's girlfriend has been making videos of the crazy things my family will do during Chinese New Year (again, in good fun) and the videos have been hilarious!"

This year, Matthew's family decided to "up their game" and buy matching outfits for the festive season.

They also followed their tradition of producing a video as a way to capture the memories.

Matthew said the matching outfits were designed by homegrown brand All Would Envy, which he owns and operates.

He added: "About 60 people were part of this year's video (though with most of them only involved in the 'HUAT AH!' at the end).

"We made this video to be shared to our friends and on our Instagram accounts, and I thought this year’s video is epic so more people should see it.

"We wanted to look ridiculously fun, matchy and happy together, and the video just shows how much fun we have together as a family!

"We love Chinese New Year so much and hope to share the festive cheer with everyone!"

According to Matthew, his cousin's girlfriend Krystle is the brains behind the jovial videos.

He told Stomp: "She's very much a part of the family.

"The videos are randomly shot when convenient, all within one day. It's quite spontaneous and there are no/few retakes since it's all for fun. She then takes a day to edit the videos."

(Chinese New Year 2017's video)

Matthew also shared clips from behind the scenes, which he finds hilarious even if not all of them made it into the final video.

The family members see one another regularly and have fun outside of Chinese New Year too.

"My family is crazy fun and we love to dress up together! A family that dresses up together stays together!"

"The cousins like to hang out together, like when we adults decided to party or play bowling together."

The Stomper also shared: "I feel very proud of this family and they have been the most supportive of my brand.

"This year's video really shows how supportive everyone is, and it makes me feel very happy and loved!"

As the saying goes, "Family is not an important thing. It's everything."

Looks like this is particularly true for Matthew's family.