Crack on external facade of Queenstown block: Building is structurally safe, repairs to be completed

Submitted by Stomper Ken

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Tanjong Pagar Town Council has responded to concerns by a resident who saw a large crack on the external facade of a Housing Board (HDB) block in Queenstown.

Stomper Ken said he noticed a "huge crack" on the external facade of Block 145 Mei Ling Street, "at the corner between level 6 and level 7".

He sent photos to Stomp on Saturday (May 29) and expressed safety concerns.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Tanjong Pagar Town Council said it is aware of the crack and has put up barricades to block off the area below the crack.

"The town council's building contractor will complete repairs to the wall by the end of this month," the spokesman added.

"We would like to assure residents that the building is structurally safe. "