Covid-19 can't dampen the spirit of Halloween

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Halloween has always been the perfect reason to dress up and get together.

While big gatherings are not possible due to the ongoing pandemic, many have refused to let Covid-19 dampen the spirit of Halloween.

A Stomper shared with Stomp photos of festive decorations at Northshore Residences in Punggol.

"Amidst the pandemic, Northshore Residences has unofficially launched one of the most successful trick-or-treat Halloween events for the kids in the neighbourhood," she said.

"On Oct 30, more than 100 residents joined in and put up decorations and treats.

"Safe management measures (SMM) were also practiced with sanitisers and masks given out as part of the treats!"

Republic Poly lecturer gallops into the spirit of Halloween

Republic Polytechnic students were in for a special Halloween treat when their lecturer appeared dressed up as a horse.

Stomper Ashley shared a video of the lecturer holding up placards because she was feeling "horse".

"Covid-10 has disrupted everyone's life and classes at Republic Polytechnic have been moved online," Ashley said.

"Just when you thought it would be another day of home-based learning, a lecturer decided to spice things up by dressing up as a horse to gallop into the spirit of Halloween.

"The class was stunned at first but we all had a good laugh.

"Yay and not 'neigh' to having a wild time in class."