Man arrested for impersonating police officer and molesting woman

Tuesday, Jun 7, 2016

A man was arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer and molesting a woman on June 5.

According to the police, the 38-year-old man had allegedly molested the victim around 10.30pm along Tanglin Halt Road. He was subsequently arrested at Redhill Close yesterday (June 6).

If found guilty of impersonating a police officer, the suspect could face up to two years in jail, or a fine or both. If found guilty of molesting the woman, the man faces a jail term of up to two years and could also be caned.

This incident comes shortly after the ongoing trial of a pizza delivery man who allegedly posed as a police officer and raped a 16-year-old girl in October 2013.

According to My Paper, Muhammad Firman Jumali Chew, 30, had allegedly seen the girl being intimate with her 16-year-old boyfriend at a HDB stairwell at Block 362, Woodlands Avenue 5.

After they tried to leave after noticing him, he had allegedly posed as a police officer and asked for their identification cards.

Fearing repercussions, the teenagers had allegedly acquiesced. After telling the boy to leave, he allegedly brought the girl up to the fifth floor of Block 359 and raped her.

In a statement, the police reminded the public to remain wary of people impersonating police officers. They added that a police officer's warrant card could be requested to verify the officer's identity if people were in doubt. 

A genuine warrant card will have identification features such as the police crest, the photo of the officer, his or her name and NRIC number. When the card is tilted at an angle, the holographic word "POLICE" will also appear below the Officer's photograph.

If they are still unsure of the person's credibility as a police officer, people should call 999 for assistance.