Indonesian maid jailed 6 weeks for feeding employer's child milk mixed with her urine

Elena Chong
The Straits Times
June 9, 2016

An Indonesian maid has been jailed for six weeks for mixing her urine with milk meant for her employer's four-year-old son, and giving it to him to drink.

Ela, 27, who goes by one name, pleaded guilty on Monday (June 6) to one of two charges of mischief, committed at a flat in Pine Close on Oct 16 last year.

She had been employed for barely a month by the boy's 39-year-old father at the time of the offence.

The court heard that on Oct 16, the man's wife returned home and poured out some water from a flask to drink. She took a sip of the water, which appeared to be slightly yellowish. She showed it to her mother-in-law and her husband, who both took a sip. They found that it tasted odd.

The employer then decided to keep the flask in his bedroom to observe the water the next day. The next day, he found that the content in the flask smelt pungent.

When asked if anything had happened to the water, Ela said no.

On Oct 18, the employer found her washing the flask which she had taken from his bedroom. She was taken to the maid agency. She admitted that on Oct 16, she had collected some of her urine and poured some of it into a bottle containing milk for the boy. She had then given the tainted milk to the child to drink.

She could have been jailed for up to one year and fined for mischief.