60-year-old man found dead in Bishan flat: Son, 25, charged with murder

A 25-year-old man was charged in court today (Sep 26) with the murder of his father in their family flat at Bishan Block 152B.

It was earlier reported that Mr Aslam Alodin, 60, had been found dead in the flat on Sep 24, after being reportedly beaten to death.

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Stomp understands that neighbours around the unit had heard loud noises prior to the man's death. A resident living in a unit one level above also said that he has heard quarreling for the past few days. 

It is believed that the victim lived with his wife and two sons, the elder of whom is 31.

According to The Straits Times, Sabri Aslam appeared in court on today morning clad in a yellow T-shirt and a pair of blue bermudas.

If convicted of murder, the accused faces the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Sabri has been remanded for psychiatric assessment. The case will be mentioned on Oct 17.