37-year-old businessman sets up illegal high-end escort site and earns S$610K in 4 years

A 37-year-old owner of a digital company, Danny Ang secretly set up a website which provided illegal high-end escort services and raked in S$610,8724 over a period of four years and nine months. 

Charges for the services provided costed as much as S$3,500 per hour, reports Lianhe Wanbao

Danny faces 16 charges, including two for the hiring with the purpose of prostitution and four counts of living on prostitution.

He has since been sentenced to a 23-month imprisonment and slapped with a S$160,000 fine. 

According to court documents, Danny ran the site from December 2010 to September 2015, employing over 14 local women. 

During that time, more than 500 transactions were made, and generated a profit of S$390,8250.  

So far eight of the women have chosen to be witnesses. 

The accused allegedly started learning the ropes from another social escort company owner in 2009 and the two decided to set up a new ‘entertainment’ company together. 

The company was named ‘Model2Nite’ and it’s purpose was to provide high-end escort services to potential clients. 

After the two dissolved their partnership in 2010, Danny continued running the business on his own and even expanded the business, tapping into mainstream and social media to place up notices to solicit potential workers and clients. 

He also set up a ‘XVIP’ package program on his site that only allowed members that paid upwards of S$5,000 to obtain access to the exclusive information and photos of the women he was managing.

The 14 women range from 22 to 29 years of age, and charges go from S$1,500 to S$3,500 per hour. 

Clients who extended their services were also entitled to discounts. 

The accused would first upload the photos and information of the women to his site. 

Upon getting contacted by potential clients, he would then seek consent from the women.

If they were willing, he would bring them to meet the clients. 

Clients could then transfer the sum of money into the company’s bank account after the service had been provided.

The accused's ex-partner was also arrested during a raid in October 2015, along with another accomplice. 

Investigations revealed that all three men were owners of different escort companies, although they had close working relations.