Couple's wedding photos show what it's like being together forever

Submitted by Stomper Lovell

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True love endures forever.

Stomper Lovell recently came across an amusing promotional photoshoot of a couple on Facebook which perfectly embodies this statement.  

In a photoshoot by Oceanlove Studio, the bride and groom are first seen posing in their wedding outfits along Lower Palm Valley Road in Singapore. 

The photos are juxtaposed with photos of the same couple, aged 50 years appearance-wise, and still as loving as ever.

An accompanying caption to the photos, written in Mandarin, read: "Even after they’re 90 years old, the couple continues to seek the unconventional.

"Just to hear each other say, 'The most romantic thing I can think of is spending my life with you, and growing old together. 20 years old versus 70 years old.  We have decided to grow old together, and never let each other go.'

"If it was you, what kind of wedding photos will you take?

"No matter what kind, just contact us today and we (Oceanlove Studio) will fulfil your dreams."

Said Lovell: "I just want to share a creative post I came across. I hope it will bring a moment of joy to people’s busy life nowadays."