Couple takes Samsung phone left outside Pasir Ris store: 'Return it before I make police report'

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A man is appealing for a couple to return a mobile phone that they found outside a store in Pasir Ris, which the man's mother had accidentally left behind.

Stomper Nigel said the incident occurred outside the 7-Eleven outlet at Block 446 Pasir Ris Drive 6 on Wednesday (June 16), at around 1.10pm.

Nigel's mother had placed her Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ on top of a refrigerator outside the store while she packed her things.

The Stomper said: "About three minutes after my mother left, she remembered her phone. But when she went back, it was already gone."

Nigel shared a video that shows a man and a woman taking the phone.

He said: "A young couple saw the phone and took it while waiting for my mum to walk off further away. They were nowhere in sight when my mum returned.

"I would like to ask the young couple to come forward and return the phone before I have no choice but to make a police report."

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