Couple shouts at Best Denki employee, woman slams table: 'You everything also don't know'

Submitted by Stomper Wenqing

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A man and a woman were caught on camera creating a ruckus at Best Denki's VivoCity store on Saturday afternoon (Sept 24).

Stomper Wenqing witnessed the incident at around 4.30pm and shared videos of the couple berating an employee in the electronics store.

She said: "A couple caused a loud commotion in the store, insisting on a replacement of a defective Dyson light without hardcopy receipts.

"Best Denki staff handled the situation calmly despite loud shouting from the couple. A few other staff were on standby just in case the couple got aggressive or physical."

Videos show both the man and the woman shouting at one employee, though it is unclear exactly what they said.

The woman can be heard hitting the table multiple times (00:27) and reprimanding the staff member loudly.

She later says (01:05), "How to settle, you also don't know."

She also tells the employee, "You (...) everything also don't know," while slamming the table (02:27).

The employee is seen keeping his cool throughout and trying to explain things to the couple.

Another staff member later intervenes and the woman is heard asking him (03:04), "Are you the supervisor?"

Wenqing added: "In the end, Best Denki staff gave the couple a new Dyson light as a replacement. I admire the calm staff.

"Before leaving with their new replacement light, the woman even made a smug remark to the staff and said, 'Thank you for your patience in receiving our long lecture.'"

Stomp has contacted Best Denki for comment.

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