Couple looking to identify man who picked up wife's iPhone 7 at JB massage parlour

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Update on Jun 21:

Stomper Eric was happy to inform Stomp that he successfully retrieved his wife's iPhone following the Stomp report.

The man who picked up the phone returned it to Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre after seeing the article.

Original article:

Stomper Eric is hoping to identify the man who picked up his wife's iPhone 7 that she accidentally left at a massage place in Johor Bahru (JB) on Jun 11.

Eric and his wife had visited the massage parlour opposite Holiday Plaza from around 4.15pm to 4.41pm when his wife's phone slipped from her thigh and onto the sofa she was sitting on.

She only realised that her phone was not with her when she went shopping at KSL City but assumed it was with Eric.

The couple returned to the massage parlour to retrieve the phone but realised that it was not there anymore.

They requested to view the surveillance footage but the staff did not have the password to access it.

They returned on Sunday (Jun 18) to view the footage and saw a man in a blue T-shirt sitting on the same sofa at around 5.31pm, noticing the phone that had slid beside the cushion seat.

Instead of handing the phone over to the staff, the man proceeded to slowly pick up the iPhone and look around as if not wanting to be seen before walking out of the massage parlour.

There was also footage of him walking to his Singapore-registered car with licence plate number SJC476B to put something inside before walking back to the massage place.

"The police in Singapore said that because this happened in JB, they cannot investigate," said Eric.

"I would appreciate if this person can be identified."

If you have any information regarding the man in the video, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.