Couple looking for parrot that fell out of window and was likely found by biker in Tampines

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A couple is appealing for the return of their beloved pet parrot, which went missing from their Tampines home on Thursday afternoon (Oct 7).

Stomper Anne said her Congo African Grey Parrot fell out of her window at Block 609B Tampines North Drive 1 at around 12pm.

She explained: "My bird is clipped but it somehow made its way onto the window panel. My husband tried to bring it back into the house, but it retreated and stepped off the window.

"My hubby watched the bird fly in the direction between Block 609B and Block 609C. He went down immediately to search for it but couldn't find it.

"As our parrot is clipped, we did not expect it to fly too far away."

Anne believes the parrot was subsequently found by a passing motorcyclist.

She added: "We shared what happened in our neighbour group chat and a neighbour told us that she saw our parrot on the railing of the road divider along Tampines Street 61 at 12.45pm.

"She also said she saw the motorcyclist in front of her car stopping the bike near my parrot. The motorcyclist probably caught my parrot as it cannot fly due to being clipped and is too tame to bite.

"We are grateful that this Good Samaritan helped to secure our parrot and keep it safe, but we hope it can be returned to us.

"The bird might have been injured and require medical attention.

"I am also appealing for anyone who can recognise the motorcycle to give me more information."

Anne is offering a cash reward for the safe return of her parrot, which has two leg rings. One has the bird's breeder ID while the other has her mobile number.

Anne told Stomp: "My parrot is like a feathered puppy that follows me around the house.

"My mum, who just had surgery, couldn't eat or sleep after knowing that my parrot is missing. She blames herself for what happened as I had to go over to care for her and couldn't be home with my parrot.

"I am working from home so my parrot has never been alone for too long before."

If you are the motorcyclist or have any info about the parrot, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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